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You are planning to sell video ads to your advertisers and deliver those via your Google AdManager network.

Can ADvendio also video items which will be submitted to Google AdManager and how can those Campaign Items be created? Which specific configurations and settings are available?


Campaign Items in ADvendio can also represent Video Items in Google AdManager. In order to use these, a product is needed, for which the ad type is configured to represent a video item. This can be prepared by a System Administrator or Product Manager with the many inventory management features of ADvendio.

To start creating the video Campaign Item, pick a suitable product via the Media Search and start configuring the Campaign Item as usual.


For the most part the usual Campaign Item fields and features also apply to Video Items, but there are also a few additional settings:

Inventory Type Targeting:

As part of the inventory targeting, it’s possible to define an inventory type for the video and audio positions.

To edit these settings on a Campaign Item, click the edit button on the Inventory Targeting Column in the Media Configuration.

Then, simply use the tree to select the required options.

Once the desired options are selected, click Save to apply these to your Campaign Item.

Although the option is named In-Stream Video in ADvendio, this setting can also be used for Audio ads.

Video Content & Content Bundle Targeting:

Video Content Targeting allows to select specific videos or groups of videos on which the ad should be displayed. This is selected similar to other targeting configurations. Go to the Video Content column in the Media Configuration and click the edit button to open the selection screen:

Once the desired options are selected, click Save to apply these to your Campaign Item.


Video Position Targeting

Via Video Position Targeting it can be configured when an Ad is playing. Depending on the settings within your Google AdManager network, this can be a generic position such as Pre-roll or Mid-roll or can be more specific, e.g. ‘Position 1 in Mid Roll 2’

Once the desired options are selected, click Save to apply these to your Campaign Item.


To use video Campaign Items there are no specific access rights or permission needed for video Campaign Items besides the ones required to work with Media Campaigns and Campaign Items and to use our Gateway to connect third party systems.

To use Inventory Type, Video Content or Video Position targeting, an import for the IDs needs to be started from ADvendio for your Google AdManager Connection. Also make sure to configure the right fields in the tab setup, in order to display them in the Media Configuration.

For Video Position, we have a more detailed instruction on how to set up the feature: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/717717570/

In order to find our more on how to prepare video products and ad types see also: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/156958749 & https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/104792139/