5.2.3 Sales/Booking KPI Dashboard

Version 2.92 and up
Supported Adserversall

On this Page we will shortly explain the use of their components.

General Overview

You find the Dashboards by selecting the Dashboards Tab.

Go to All Folders → ADvendio Dashboards and select

  • Sales KPI or
  • Booking KPI.

If you see in the ADvendio Dashboards folder a Dashboards called "Sales" or "Booking" you can delete it as these are  older versions of the new Dashboards.

Sales KPI Dashboard

Component NameUse
Conversion Rate of Proposal CFYThis component shows the media campaign owners according to their conversion probability of proposal by fiscal year.
Pay Factor per AdvertiserThis component shows the Pay Factor per Advertiser.
Pay Factor per Advertiser/AgencyThis component shows the PayFactor per Advertiser/Agency.
Pay Factor per AgencyThis component shows the Pay Factor per Agency.
Pay Factor per Campaign ItemThis component shows the Pay Factor per Campaign Item.
Pay Factor per Media Campaign OwnerThis component shows the Pay Factor per Media Campaign Owner.
Pay Factor per SiteThis component shows the Pay Factor per Site.
Revenue per Advertising MediumThis component shows the N2 Revenue per Advertising Medium (Site) by fiscal year.
Revenue per Customer/AgencyThis component shows the total net revenue this year by Customer and Agency.
Sales Goal vs. Revenue by Employee CFYThis component compares the actual revenue with the employee's forecasted goals for the current fiscal year in percent.
Visit Report Records CFYThis component shows the number of visit reports by Sales Representative / Owner for the current fiscal year.

Booking KPI Dashboard

Component Name Use
Booksize Adfill Rate per PublicationDateThis component shows the Average Ad fill Rate per Site by fiscal quarter.
Campaign Items per Order / YearThis component shows the Number of Campaign Items per Campaign / Fiscal Year (current and previous).
Contract Changes CampaignThis component counts the Optimizing Versions per Media Campaign.
Contract Changes in Advertiser/Agency RelationshipsThis component counts the Optimizing Versions per Advertiser Agency Relation by fiscal year.

Customize Dashboards

You can alter the ADvendio Dashboards to fit your needs.

To do so you only need to click the Edit button and select the pencil to edit the component you would like to customize.