4.8.6 How to automize the submit of Campaign Item to external system (like AdServers, SSPs ect.)?


Order Manager - Fulfilment, System Administrator


2.142 and up

External Systems

Google AdManager, Freewheel, Adswizz, Smart, Xandr


The submit of Campaign Items from ADvendio is started by pushing a button on the Campaign Item list. However there might be situations where this causes some overhead on the responsible Ad Ops and Order Fulfilment team.

For example when receiving ready to book Campaigns from a Self Service Portal, which only need to be send over to the integrated systems.

Is there a way to automate this process? So that certain Campaign Items will be automatically submitted to a third party system, without a user having to start the process manually?


With our new release it is now possible to schedule an automatic submit of Campaign Items to an external system, like an AdServer or SSP.

This process can be planned to run at a fixed interval (for example every Monday at 7:00) and will start the Submit to AdServer process for all marked Campaign Items. This will only be used for marked Campaign Items, so this will only happen to Campaign Items, for which you intend the submit.

To mark a Campaig Item for the automatic submit process, please set the new checkbox ‘Ready for automatic submit’:

Then during the next scheduled run, all Campaign Items which are marked as Ready for automatic submit, will be sent over to the connected systems. An email will be send out to the relevant user (the one who planned the automatic submit process) which contains all Media Campaigns and Campaign Items used and any error messages or warnings, if something went wrong.



In order to schedule the automatic submit, you need to access the Salesforce Setup. Go to the section Apex Classes and click on the button ‘Schedule Apex’

A new screen opens. Please look for the Apex class with the name ‘SubmitToAdserverSchedulable’ and then select the timing at which the automatic submit process should run.

Once the save button is clicked the process is planned and will run on the configured date and time. In order to modify an already planned automatic submit or see when the process runs for the next time, go to the page ‘scheduled jobs’ in the Salesforce Setup.


Submit to Adserver Checkbox

Please remember that there is an automatic protection to prevent the submit of Campaign Items, which have already been submitted. In order to prevent that Campaign Items will be send a second time and override settings in the connected systems by mistake.

This is controlled by the checkbox ‘Submit to AdServer’ on the Campaign Item, which will be automatically unchecked after each Submit process (and also the automatic submit). If you are planning to send an item multiple times, make sure to check the setting of the checkbox, or create a Workflow within Salesforce to automatically set it again in certain conditions.