4.19.5 Whats the ADvendio Buying Pilot and how can it support my business?


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ADvendio Version: 2.141.1

Media Buying Pilot Version: 1.0




As a publisher, there is often the wish to offer advertisers more services and a broader range of products.

  • Additionally to your own inventory, you might want to offer to reach additional fitting audiences on other platform.

  • Or as a service want to run an additional social media campaigns which fit to the ads you sold or even try to reach users that recently have seen those ads again.

  • You might be tempted to use our integration to DV360 and want to know more about how to use it more efficiently?

  • You are already selling services to your advertisers, but need a clear overview to track costs against budgets

As an agency you might be interested in how to plan and execute your advertisers campaigns:

  • How can you create campaigns and plan budgets per channel?

  • How can you track cost and actuals against the budget



The ADvendio Media Buying Pilot helps you streamline all your media transactions into one platform. With new features, layouts, reports and customizations it helps to maximize the usage of our DSP and Social Media integrations. Use one single platform to plan campaigns, manage budgets, sell your own inventory and manage media buying activities!

Additional to our existing feature set in the ADvendio package and our direct integrations of DSPs and Social Media Platforms we focus on:

We constantly strive to update our extension so keep an eye on our page and see also the ADvendio Package Extension list for the latest release notes.


The ADvendio Media Buying Pilot is a Salesforce Package Extension, thus it will need to be installed like a regular ADvendio release and requires a certain ADvendio version to run without problems.

You can find the installation links and further information on our package extension page.

Once the package extension is installed, you can find a list of specific steps to enable the new features here: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2712698887