How are Creatives connected to Advertisers and how can I make sure my creative is connected to the right advertiser?

Available with Version:

2.148 and up

Available with Version:

2.148 and up


Order Manager - Fulfilment

ADvendio Edition


External Systems

Google AdManager, Xandr


When working with creatives and especially when uploading them to other connected systems, like AdServers, it is required to set a connection to an advertiser.

How does ADvendio make sure that the right advertisers are addressed?



When using our AdMaterial Management UI, most of the time the advertiser is handled automatically. For that, we’re using the Advertiser that is already set at your Media Campaign. This way we can make sure you are always using the right advertiser for your current campaign, the creatives being uploaded properly.

If you’d like to know more about how ADvendio connects its advertiser Accounts to Advertisers from connected systems, please have a look at our External Account IDs.

If you are using an Account which is not yet existing as Advertiser in the connected system, ADvendio will try to create a new advertiser there, having it matched to your ADvendio account. This logic will also apply to our Creative Upload feature. You will not have to perform any manual configuration, as ADvendio makes sure that the right connections between Accounts and Advertisers are created!



The features described here require no specific setup from your end and work in any ADvendio version.

For more information on the setup of External Account IDs and how to manually change those if required, see our wiki section: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/256508067