How to view the criteria breakdown in the availability check for Google AdManager



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Google AdManager offers additional features for it’s availability check, which further breaks down the results to show the number of available impressions for example per slot size or country.

Can you access this data in ADvendio and it’s availability check?


Yes these information are available in ADvendio. Just use the check availability feature as usual. When you view the results you can expand the section underneath your Campaign Item, by clicking the arrow symbol.

Then you will see an additional section ‘Criteria Breakdown’ which is also expandable and shows the following:


You can see a row for the different criteria and the number of matched units and available units as returned by Google AdManager.

If you see (excluded) after a criteria, that means this is an excluded criteria. For example Germany (excluded) contains all users which are not from Germany.

NPA and NPA (excluded) refer to a new value introduced by Google the non-personalized ads. Which contains users that fall under these NPAs and the excluded entry contains all users that do not fall under the NPA.

The results of the criteria breakdown are also contained in the result mail you receive, independent from what you see directly in ADvendio


The criteria breakdown is accessible, if you can use the ADvendio check availability feature. There are no additional user permissions required.

It is however possible to deactivate the Criteria Breakdown for all users in the ADvendio Administration Settings. This setting is affecting all users and can only be configured by a System Administrator.