Guaranteed Augmented Line Items


Note: GDALI entered Open Beta phase in February 2022. Therefore, in case you encounter API-related issues, please contact our Support Team.


Guaranteed Augmented Line Items enhance the standard features of items by providing options to support more sophisticated users. They are based on Augmented Line Items, providing an expanded set of features in comparison to the legacy Guaranteed Line Items, such as simplified API and continuous improvement of the currently available set of GDLI features.

To learn how to migrate your Guaranteed Line Items to Guaranteed Augmented Line Items, please follow the below guide.

1. Migrate Guaranteed Line Items (GDLI) to Guaranteed Augmented Line Items (GDALI)

Starting with 2.151.2, ADvendio will start supporting Guaranteed Augmented Line Items. To migrate your current GDLIs, please follow the procedure below:


Step 1:
Add necessary picklist field values to Budget Type (Media Campaign) and Adtype (Ad Type), and adjust accordingly the page layouts and relevant user permissions.

For more information, see the Setup section below.


Step 2:
Create clones for the relevant Guaranteed Ad Types, and select inside the clones "Guaranteed Augmented" for the Adtype picklist field.

To configure the Guaranteed Augmented Ad Type, please follow .



Step 3:
Adjust the Connection of the Guaranteed Augmented Ad Types by moving them to a Seamless Xandr Connection.
It won't work with a Non-seamless connection. It also applies to the Augmented Adtypes


Step 4:
Create the relevant Ad Specs

Step 5:
Adjust Budget Type at the Media Campaign level:

  1. Select Budget Type field: Flexible

    1. If Flexible is selected, both ALIs and GDALIs can belong to the same Media Campaign.

  2. Add GDALI-related Campaign Items and Submit them.

    1. We support the same targeting options for GDALI as we do for legacy GDLI.


To learn more about Budget Types in Seamless Insertion Orders, check:

2. Setup:

  • You may need to add to Media Campaign Page Layout the Budget Type field (ADvendio__BudgetType__c)

  • Double check if the Budget Type field is available to the relevant users

  • Double check if the relevant picklist field values exist in the Budget Type field. For that, access from Org Settings Picklist Value Sets and adjust accordingly Budget Type global value set:

    • Revenue (Value and API Name)

    • Flexible (Value and API Name)

  • Double check if the relevant picklist field value exists in the Adtype field (ADvendio__Adtype__c), located in the Ad Type object:

    • Guaranteed Augmented (Value and API Name)