How to use CMS Metadata Targeting for Videos in Google AdManager? (Customised Targeting, Key Values, Audience Data, Custom Metadata)

Available with Version:

2.152 and up

Available with Version:

2.152 and up


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Google AdManager


In addition to it’s Key Value targeting, Google offers the usage of Custom Metadata based targeting within it’s customised targeting for video positions.

In Google AdManager these can be selected together with the Keys and Values, and now ADvendio also offers these as part of our Key Value feature. So how can you use these for your video bookings?

Google is migrating it’s metadata targeting, the feature described here will work with the new structure, so once you followed the steps here, you are good to go!

Find more information on this topic here: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/9219927#zippy=%2Cfix-unsupported-metadata-prior-to-deprecation


CMS Key Values can be set in the Media Configuration UI (by selecting an item and pressing the “Edit Items” button) after accessing the “Key Values” targeting section as shown below:

Press the “Edit“ button (below the text box) to open a dedicated UI divided into two sections.
The right panel presents a list containing both CMS Key Values and regular Key Values that can be selected and combined with operators in the left panel (make sure a value is always selected and it’s not deprecated).

Once a selection of keys has been made, press the “Save” button to return to the Media Campaign UI.
Press the “Check Availability” to send the request to the AdServer.
The image below shows the result of the check after selecting the key values in the previous step.


In order to use the CMS Key Values, it will be necessary to perform an import by using the “Transfer to ADvendio” feature (in the previously selected connection).
Please check this article for more information about Key Value import


If the following error message is displayed after pressing the Check Availability button, it means
that the mapped metadata key-values are deprecated and cannot be targeted:

Error: ApiException{errors=[CustomTargetingError{errorString=CustomTargetingError.CANNOT_TARGET_MAPPED_METADATA, fieldPath=targeting.customTargeting, fieldPathElements=[FieldPathElement{field=targeting}, FieldPathElement{field=customTargeting}], reason=CANNOT_TARGET_MAPPED_METADATA, trigger=duration=30 seconds or less}]}

Hereby is a screenshot of the error:

How to solve it:

In the past, mapped metadata was labeled as regular Key Values in ADvendio, those are not working anymore and need to be replaced with the new CMS Key Values!

Please use our Key Value Targeting features, to change the configuration of your Campaign Items: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/693567559

You should also check if any Ad Specs or Ad Type related, have assigned Key Values, you can view and modify this with our Key Value generator: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/797638722






If the following error message is displayed after pressing the Check Availability button, it means
that selected line item is not related to video content, therefore it’s not valid

reason=CMS_METADATA_LINE_ITEM_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED, trigger=[10725818000, 10679665600]}1}

Hereby is a screenshot of the error (also including the previously described error):

How to solve it:

If you want to use CMS Key Value targeting, please make sure that you are using a video type Campaign Item in ADvendio for Google AdManager. To set up your ADvendio Campaign Items / Ad Type for video, you can find more information here: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2615312385