6.9 Custom Fiscal Periods

Invoicing and Accounting Records are the only features, as of right now, which are supported by custom fiscal periods.

Other features impacted by fiscal periods being enabled are either continue working based on the Gregorian calendar or displaying an error message. Please don't hesitate to let us know what features you would like to see next to support custom fiscal periods by simply creating a feature request using our support portal.

Enabling Custom Fiscal periods

In order to work with Custom Fiscal periods on ADvendio, your company calendar should be adjusted, this feature should be enabled in ADvendio Administration Settings as well as Fiscal periods should be created under your legal entity.

1. Fiscal Period / Year (Salesforce)

To start please make sure your Company setup is using Custom calendar year in Salesforce. Please note that Custom Fiscal year might be enabled only once.


2. Accounting periods (Legal entity)

As a next step please create your Accounting Periods for your Legal Entities accordingly. This is important to be able to use the Invoice fields Fiscal Start Date and Fiscal End Date and furthermore crucial to be able to use the Accounting Record feature.

3. Administration Settings

Final step when both Accounting periods on Legal entity level and Custom Calendar on Salesforce level are set is to enable this feature on ADvendio Administrative Settings. When this checkbox "Enabled Custom Fiscal Periods" is enabled Invoicing and Accounting record features will use custom calendar.


PreInvoices and Invoices will be issued using Custom Fiscal periods. To present for which period Invoice records are dedicated new field should be added to the invoice layout - fiscal start and fiscal end date. The field Fiscal Start Date and Fiscal End Date on an Invoice record will be the deciding factors to which period the invoice belongs to. During the pre-invoice generation the period is assigned based on the (planned) invoice date, while in the Billing Run, the assigned period can and will be overridden depending on the entered invoice date while using the Invoice Wizard.

Please note that currently there are the following limitations:

  • Payment interval “weekly” is not supported. You will see an error message when trying to invoice such a media campaign when fiscal periods are enabled in the administration settings

  • Invoicing based on delivered quantity is not supported. Only invoicing based on linear distribution works. You will see an error message when trying to invoice a media campaign with at least one non-linear campaign item when fiscal periods are enabled in the administration settings

Accounting Records

Since Invoicing feature with Custom fiscal Period enabled is only supported with linear distribution, digital campaign items will be working like non-digital items, which means that delivery data have no impact on the calculations done during the accounting record processes. Based on this implementation, the accounting record process “Distribution” is disabled.

For Fiscal periods we need to distribute revenue linearly instead of by delivered site.