[Integration Overview] of Amazon DSP Pilot

ADvendio Edition

ADvendio ONE

Available with Version

2.169 and up

With ADvendio Release 2.69, we introduce our newest Media Buying Integration: The Amazon DSP Pilot. This integration enables you to receive reporting data from Amazon Advertising Campaigns directly into ADvendio. The benefit of this integration is that you can easily track your budget spend and use it in our invoicing module to save you time and make your advertising campaigns more efficient.

Amazon DSP is a Pilot Integration:

The Amazon DSP Integration to ADvendio is currently in a pilot phase with some limitations. At the momemnt, our delivery report features are mostly available. If you are interested in using the integration, please contact our Customer Success Team or email support@advendio.com to discuss further steps.

Who will benefit from this integration?

This integration would benefit customers who want to efficiently plan and manage Media Buying campaigns on the Amazon DSP platform, with the ability to use our delivery report features.

What is required to use the integration?

This light Media Buying Pilot integration is covered by an ADvendio ONE license.

If you are not a customer of ADvendio Connect yet and are interested in using our Amazon DSP Pilot Integration, please contact your Technical Account Manager or our Customer Success Team, for more information.

How to set up and use the integration?

To find out more about the Amazon DSP Pilot integration setup, and configuration, have a look at the linked pages: