Please take note that this feature is not supported in our Lightning Media Search.

Ad spec, Site, Placement, or AdType recommendations help to promote products with a validity period (e.g. Christmas special) or products that fit good to each other for upselling. The recommendations shows the ad sales manager similar products or current special offers triggered by his selection. 

The feature Product Recommendation needs to be configured and activated by your system administrator, it can be disabled at any time.

Add Items with Recommendations

Once the feature is enabled the user can start adding items to the basket in the product search. If there exist some product recommendations for any of the products in the basket, the user has the possibility to add some recommended products before the user could start using the media configuration.

Add items to the basket and start the media configuration:

  1. Click the button Add Items in your media campaign.
  2. Use the Media Search to find items for your media campaign.
  3. Add items to the basket using the button Add to basket.
  4. Click the button Start Media Configuration.

If there are product recommendations for any of your items in your basket, a new page shows all recommendations for your basket.

Media Configuration with Recommendations

The following page shows all existing product recommendations for your items in your basket. Similar to the Media Search, the user is able to select recommended items and put them in the basket. If no recommendations are available, the user can directly start with the media configuration.

  1. Your Selected Recommendations:
    This area lists all of the recommended items the user has selected similar to the basket of the media search. Moreover, the user can delete items from the basket. The user can also ignore all recommendations and start the media configuration.
  2. Ad Spec Recommendations:
    This area lists all recommendations with high, medium or low criteria correlations. For ad spec recommendation there always exist a high, medium or low criteria correlation. For instance, if an ad spec recommend another one, this is defined as a high criteria correlation (also known as direct recommendation). Triggering site, ad type or placement are medium criteria correlation if two criteria correspond to the triggering information. If only one criteria correspond to the triggering information, this is displayed as a low criteria correlation. The reason for recommendation is marked as bold font in the media configuration.
  3. Soft Recommendations:
    This area lists all "soft" or indirect recommendations. Ad type recommendations, placement recommendations and site recommendations are displayed as a soft recommendation (indirect recommendation). The reason for recommendation is marked as bold font in the media configuration.

Select Recommendations

The user can select some of the recommended items, afterwards he could start using the media configuration. To select a recommendations, you need to expand the section Recommended Ad Spec with High, Medium or Low Criteria Correlation and click the product you like to add to the basket. After expanding a section, all related and valid ad prices are available. The user could see the description of the recommendation as well as the special discount, if specified.

To select some recommendations please follow these steps:

  1. Expand s section to see all corresponding ad prices, for instance, Recommended Ad Spec with High Criteria Correlation.
  2. Select an ad price by clicking the checkbox in front of the row next to the list price. The item is added to the basket at Your Selected Recommendations.
  3. Click the button Start Media Configuration.

Note: If you choose some indirect recommendations, you will be redirected to the media search and the recommended filter is prefilled so you can start the search. Afterwards, you can start the media configuration and do not see the recommendation page again.