Slot sizes

The ad type record has a section called slots in the default layout for all adserver types. 

Missing Slot Sizes

If you are missing any slot sizes please contact your administrator to add those to the picklist. Those are NOT automatically updated from the adserver into ADvendio.

This is the page layout for DFP as an example:

If you edit the record you can select one or more slots for the Master to define which size is allowed for this specific ad type. 

The slot sizes in Advendio are mapped to the slot sizes in DFP/AppNexus.  If you are missing sizes in your picklist, please contact your Administrator.

Also read which slot size to pick if you like to set up an Interstitials (Google Ad Manager) .

1. Using Master and Companion Sizes (DFP)

The field (CompanionSize) can be used to control whether

  • a master/companion roadblock or a 
  • master/companion video line item 

is used when doing the Availability Check and Adserver push

View in DFP:

1.1. Examples

You can define the Slot-Sizes using one or both fields: "Companion Size" and "Master". The following combinations are examples how you can set up your system:

1.1.a Only one Master Slot

1.1.b Multiple Master Slots

1.2. One Master with multiple Companions

1.3. Multiple Master Sizes with one Companion

2. Blocker slots 

Use Cases:

Your AdType is for an exclusive booking. You like to sell this exclusive ad on a page which is not using ALL slots on this page.  To realize this you need to block the "unused" slots from being sold by other campaigns. You therefore BLOCK them. 
Therefore select the other sizes which are not used as Blocker Slots to put in fake bookings to DFP for this order on all slots of the page:

All slot sizes will be submitted with priority 2 and sponsorship to DFP, as separates line items of the same order

Attention: Watch out that you pick the corresponding Reporting Slots otherwise you get deviations in the reporting for this campaign item.