Setup Yieldlab

Yieldlab is focused on the development of software systems for the real-time trading and delivery of advertisements via digital channels. To import Yieldlab data within ADvendio, you have to create a new Ad Server Login and schedule the Yieldlab integration.

Yieldlab - Create Ad Server Login

Before activating the integration between ADvendio and your Yieldlab network, you have to create a Yieldlab Ad Server Login first.

Navigate to the Ad Sever Login:

  1. Navigate to Overview.
  2. Scroll down and open the section AdServer Interface.
  3. Click the button AdServer Logins.
  4. Click on New AdServer Login to create a new record.
  5. Select Yieldlab as record type and click Continue.

Yieldlab - Edit Ad Server Login

Enter all necessary information to create the Yieldlab integration.

After selecting the record type Yieldlab please enter User Name and Password:

  1. Enter User Name.
  2. Enter Password.
  3. Click the button Save.

You have successfully created the Yieldlab integration.

Note: You can validate the Yieldlab integration by clicking the link Check Login at the AdServer Login detail page.

Yieldlab - Delivery Report Settings

Navigate to the Delivery Report Settings to schedule the integration.

Navigate to the Delivery Report Settings:

  1. Navigate to Overview.
  2. Scroll down and open the section Setup & Settings.
  3. Click the button Delivery Report Settings.

Yieldlab - Delivery Report Settings for RTB-Server

Enter all relevant data in the section Yieldlab Data Settings to schedule the Yieldlab integration.

Enter all relevant data:

  1. Enter the Salesforce Username as well as Password and Security Token.
  2. Select Time and Day information.
  3. Enter an email address for the fields Failure Note Recipient and Success Note Recipient, if needed.
  4. Activate the checkbox Send Success Note, if needed.
  5. Click the button Submit.


Currently, only data from the current month will be imported. In addition to that, you will have access to last month full data set until the 10.th of the month.