9.2 Self Service Portal (Use Cases)

Here are some example use cases for a self-service portal where you can have your external customers, agencies or partners do any or multiple of the following tasks themselves. This will allow you to free internal resources and speed up the overall business process. 


  1. Create or request an offer. You could either allow them to create Briefings or even trust them to create full Media Campaigns and select products to buy.

  2. Create and submit an order. If you like to go a step further, a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner can also create an order or even be allowed to submit assuming that availability is there.

  3. Download their invoices. Instead of mailing the invoices to customers, they could download them at any time themselves. 

  4. View or download their Campaign Reporting. Have your customers follow up on campaign reports - regular or even video directly from the delivered data from the AdServer themselves. 

  5. Creative Upload - AdMaterial Management. Instead of passing the creatives and ad material through many hands, have agency or creative agencies directly upload the data to the respective campaign items and for print even assign the publication date(s).

  6. Check the fulfilment status of their commitment. At any time allow your partners to check how well their orders match the agreed commitment. 

To set up the basics please follow the initial steps to 9.1 Create a Portal (Digital Experience). Then add the object you like to offer to your customers to the navigation and adjust the external access and sharing rights.