3.8 Create Recommendations

Similar to shopping systems you can configure recommendations for your Sales and Customers to upsell related products. ADvendio offers four types of recommendations:

  • Site Recommendations
  • Placement Recommendations
  • AdType Recommendations
  • AdSpec Recommendations

"Soft" Recommendations

The first three all work similar but on a different product hierarchy level. To create a new record open the object which you like to configure and click on the New button:

Then enter the recommended record and the triggering record. 

The above example will show the user the so-called "soft" recommendation News Daily if the User has selected a product of the site Newsweek in the Media Search

"Ad Spec" Recommendations

AdSpec recommendation offers you more options. You can not only link an AdSpec to an AdSpec and give Sales a real product recommendation but also have triggering Sites, AdTypes and Placements which would also offer the user a soft recommendation (similar to the above). 

 Don't forget to have your administrator turn on the feature in the Administration Settings.