5.2.4 Working with Lightning Dashboards

This Wiki page provides you with some tips on working with Lightning Dashboards.

1. Running User of Dashboards

If you take a look at a Dashboard and do not see any data where you expect some please ensure that the running user of the Dashboard is set to a Force.com platform user:

  1. If you work with an ADvendio Dashboard you may change the running user via cloning (see point 2. Cloning of Dashboards)
  2. If you work with your own Dashboards you may change the 'View Dashboard As' setting in the Dashboard properties.

Please also note that the Running User should have an ADvendio License assigned. Please take a look here to check the licenses of your users (for Admins): 7.1.3 Manage Users and Licenses.

Otherwise you might encounter the following error message:

Error: The source report is based on a report type that is inaccessible to the dashboard's running user.

2. Cloning of Dashboards

  1. Open the Dashboard and select “Clone”.
  2. Open the Dashboard properties (Gear wheel).
  3. Modify “View Dashboard As” setting and select one of the Orgs Force.com users. Click Save afterwards.

For further information on the creation and customization of Lightning Dashboards please take a look at the following Salesforce Help pages: Build a Lightning Experience DashboardEdit and Customize Lightning Experience Dashboard Components.