6.8 Payments

This object can be used to save payments. A payment can be created for

  • multiple Invoices or
  • an Invoice can have multiple payments if payed by installments.

1. How to create a Payment

  1. Go to the AppLauncher and search for Payments.
  2. Click New and create a record like in the screenshot below.
  3. After creating a Payment you may connect the Payment with Invoices and vice versa (see next step "Invoice Payment Assignment" below).

If you have an accounting system you can also automate these steps and batch upload your records.

2. Invoice Payment Assignment

To connect Payments to Invoices use the object Invoice Payment Assignment. You have the possibility to create the connection 

  • in the related list of the Invoice called "Connected Payments"
  • in the related list of the Payment called "Paid Invoices"
  • directly in the Object (App Launcher → Invoice Payment Assignments → New).

The field Payment Amount (chargeable) is currently only used for reporting. This field is necessary to be able to assign the paid amount of installments to the connected Invoice.

In the future ADvendio will offer you a wizard to manage the payment amount distribution. The wizard will then utilize this field.

3. Account Payable/ Account Receivable Report

You find the two reports in the ADvendio report folder "ADvendio Finance Reports". 

  • Accounts Payable: Shows per Account (Creditor) all open and paid credit notes including cancellations and the open balance per Account (Transaction Type = Credit).
  • Accounts Receivable: Shows per Account (Debtor) all open and paid Invoices and the open balance per Account (Transaction Type = Debit).