4.2.7 How to set up Campaign Contacts for Offer and Invoice documents? (Contact Wizard)

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2.151 and higher


Defining relevant Contacts per Campaign and display them later on offer and invoice PDFs.


The Contact Wizard helps users to select the right contacts for their campaigns quickly. It shows only the contacts related to the involved accounts. The selected contacts are displayed afterwards at the corresponding media campaign in the related list Campaign Contacts.

Create/Open a Media Campaign

Working with the Contact Wizard expects you to have a Media Campaign created already. If you are not familiar with Media Campaigns please refer to this Wiki article: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/622630

The Media Campaign contains different Account lookups, that should be used in order to select Contacts in the Contact Wizard:

  1. Navigate to an existing Media Campaign. Otherwise, you have to create one first.

  2. Please select Accounts for the following lookup fields:

    • Account (Advertiser)

    • Agency

    • Beneficiary

    • Debtor (formerly Invoice Recipient)

    • Intermediary

    • Postal Recipient

  3. Click the button Save.

If a lookup is not used, the user can skip that lookup. In this case, the Contact Wizard does not show any contacts, that can be selected.

Open the Contact Wizard

To open the wizard go to the Media Campaign where you would like to assign Campaign Contacts. Open the actions menu and hit the action “Contact Wizard“.

If you can not see the action please contact your administrator to add the right action to the layout.

The Campaign Contact Wizard helps users to add new campaign contacts to an existing media campaign. It only displays those contacts assigned to the Media Campaigns Accounts. 

You can see a tab at the top of the page for every Account type that was set in the Media Campaign.

Go through the different tabs to define your Campaign Contacts per Account type.

The checkbox button on the left allows you to define a new Campaign Contact. You can also search through the list of available Contacts.

In addition to that you can select Contacts as Quote Contact or Invoice Contact in the list on the right so that they will be shown on your offer or invoice PDFs. Your system administrator is able to customize, which contact should be displayed in which order on the PDF document. Further information can be found in the Setup section below.

After setting up all the details you can hit the Save button in the upper right corner.

The Campaign Contacts can be found in the related list “Campaign Contacts“ of your Media Campaign afterwards.


Please add the Contact Wizard action to the page layout of the Media Campaign. You can differentiate the old and new Wizard by the name. The Lightning Contact Wizard action has the name “LwcContactWizard“.

Customize the Contact Wizard

You can adjust the Contact Wizard to show different information per Contact record in the list on the left and on the right.

To do so please refer to the following Feature Setting:

Feature Setting Name


Feature Name






  • The Contact Field can be set to any Contact related field and refers to the subheading below each Contact in the list on the left.

  • The Additional Columns can also be defined by any Contact field to show additional information in the table on the right of the Wizard. To edit it you can add a comma-separated list of API names.



Campaign Contacts on Offer and Invoice documents

To customize which in which order contacts are displayed at the address block (1st page at PDF) or the contact information (2nd Page at PDF) please follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to App Launcher > Quote Preferences or App Launcher > Invoice Preferences and select the corresponding record.

  2. Edit the settings for Address Block (1st Page) and Contact Information (2nd Page).

    • Default: The default changes all picklists to default.

    • Not selected: This field is not used for the order.

    • Possible Picklist Values: 

      • Quote Preferences: 

        • Address Block (1st Page): Account, Agency, Beneficiary, Intermediary, Debtor, Postal Recipient

        • Contact Information (2nd Page): Account, Agency, Beneficiary, Intermediary / Owner, Debtor, Postal Recipient

      • Invoice Preferences: 

        • Address Block (1st Page): Account, Agency, Beneficiary, Intermediary, Debtor, Postal Recipient

        • Contact Information (2nd Page): Account, Agency, Beneficiary, Intermediary / Sales Representative / Owner, Debtor, Postal Recipient

  3. Click the button Save.

Contacts can be mapped using the Mapping BA from Media Campaign to Invoice.

The ADvendio default is:

  • Quote Preferences: 

    • Address Block (1st Page): Postal Recipient, Debtor, Agency, Advertiser

    • Contact Information (2nd Page): Account,  Debtor, Agency, Intermediary / Owner (Quote Preferences)

  • Invoice Preferences: 

    • Address Block (1st Page): Postal Recipient, Debtor, Agency, Advertiser

    • Contact Information (2nd Page): Account, Debtor, Agency, Intermediary / Sales Representative / Owner (Invoice Preferences)