5.3.7 How to receive email notifications about scheduled delivery reports and programmatic data reports?


2.1 and up

External Systems

Google AdManager, Xandr, Freewheel, Adswizz, Smart, Datorama, Google Display & Video 360, Moat


Order Manager  -  Fulfilment; System Administrator


When automatic delivery data updates from external systems to ADvendio are scheduled, are couple of questions might come up to the fulhiment team:

  • Were all reports successful?

  • How many ADvendio items were updated?

  • Did errors occur? If so, what happened and what could be done to prevent this?


During the scheduling of Delivery Reports, ADvendio offers to set recipients for success and failure notifications:

Once done, an email looking like this will be received:

This email contains the following information:

  1. General Information about the process, containing the Org in which the delivery data are were imported, the user name, which AdServers where included, when the job started and ended and a job id (which can help ADvendio support in analyzing problems)

  2. If any errors occurred, they will be listed in the middle. This list either contains general errors during the process or shows you specific Campaign Items, for which the delivery import failed.

  3. At the bottom you see a summary of how many items were updated during the process. If the table should show a certain number of failed records, this means that the upload of data into Salesforce had some problems. You can go to the Salesforce Setup and open the Bulk Data Load Jobs. There should be one or more uploads during the time of the scheduled delivery import. There is a detailed list of the records and fields we were trying to update and the failure message received from Salesforce.

Some of the most common error case here are:

Error message


Error message


UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW : unable to obtain exclusive access to this record

Salesforce was not able to edit the record as somebody else or some other process was performing changes at the same time. In most cases, during a second run of the delivery reports this error should disappear.

INVALID_FIELD:Foreign key external ID: XXX|YYY|ZZZ not found for field ADvendio__UniqueKey__c in entity ADvendio__AdServer_ID__c:--

When using Sitebased Delivery Data or Enhanced Delivery Data, ADvendio needs connection ID records of the sites, key values, devices or other entities it uses to break down the delivery data. If those records do not exist in your org, the following error message appears. Please try to start the import for Inventory, Audiences or Devices again and see if the delivery report works, after your data has been updated.


There is a custom validation rule which blocks the records from being created or updated, please validate your validation rules. The following objects get updated during a delivery data import: Campaign Item, Revenue Schedule, Revenue Schedule Daily, Delivery Data, Enhanced Delivery Data, Buying Item, Buy Data.

No such file

This is often connected to Freewheel. As you will need to configure the reports to be stored on the Freewheel sftp, before ADvendio can access them, this error means that the expected files were not found on the Freewheel sftp.

No campaign items found for "getting delivery report.". (Message key: ERROR_CAMPAIGN_ITEM_NO_FOUND )


No campaign items found for the AdServer Connection

There were no Campaign Items found which could be used for the ADvendio delivery import. Please note that Campaign Items will only be considered if they are still running or the end date is less than 30 days in the past.

General Failure Email

Available with version 2.137 and up

There is another failure email which can be received and it looks like this:

This means that something interrupted the delivery report process as a whole and no data has been updated in Salesforce. In most cases, this will be a temporary communication problem between ADvendio and the Gateway. The next scheduled run should be working again. However you are free to plan report run earlier with our delivery report center, in case the data is time critical. If you keep encountering such errors, please contact ADvendio support or your technical account manager and provide the status code to us.

Here is also a list of common status codes and their meaning

Status Code


Status Code



The Gateway could not be accessed / found. There might be a general down of the ADvendio Gateway. If for some reason, the Service Version settings were changed, make sure those changes are reverted or still correct, as this error also appears, if the Gateway Version used is not existing anymore.


Temporary communication problem, please try the report again.


Besides entering the email addresses in the delivery report settings, there is nothing which needs to be done to enable this feature.