4.8.3 Submit internal comments / descriptions to AdServer

Version 2.99 and up

Do you want to mark the Orders you submit from ADvendio to your AdServer with a special comment or note? You can do so, by using the internal comment field at the Media Campaign and Campaign Item. When you submit your Items to the AdServer these information will be transferred.

The following fields from ADvendio will use the following AdServer fields

ADvendio FieldGoogle Ad ManagerAppnexusFreewheelSMARTAdswizz
Internal Comment (Media Campaign)-not used-Comments at Insertion OrderDescription at Insertion Order

-not used-

-not used-
Internal Comment (Campaign Item)-not used-Comments at Line Item-not used--not used-Comments at Line Item

Description for SMART and Google Ad Manager

To use this functionality for Google Ad Manager and SMART, you need to use other fields. Instead of Internal Comment, please use

For Media Campaign: Description

For Campaign Item: Line Description

Please be aware, that the field Description (Media Campaign) and Line Description (Campaign Item) will both also be shown on the PDF documents.