7.3.12 Adserver Name for Campaign items

In order to create a unique Campaign item name for your ADServer that still looks nice on the Offer and your invoice documents, you have the option to use the field "AdServer Name". If this field is in your layout or even in the Media Config you can manually make the line item name unique and write anything that helps you identify it later in the adserver.

Ideally, have your Administrator create a workflow and field update 7.4.1 Create Workflows to automatically write a unique identifier into that field which then gets transmitted to the Adserver instead of the Campaign item name.

1. Ad Server Naming Convention

In order to make the line item name within the ad server unique, you need to come up with a naming convention that could be by adding the salesforce id or other to the ad spec name or a numbering system. 

2. Set up Workflow with Field Update (optionally)

  1. Go to Setup --> Create --> Workflow & Approvals --> Workflow and create a workflow which executes when created, and every time it's edited.
  2. As Object select "Campaign Item"
  3. Criteria could be: Created Date NOT EQUAL TO null
  4. Add a new Workflow Action
  5. Click on "New Field Update"
  6. Enter a "Name" e.g. "Auto-Generate ad server name"
  7. The "Unique Name" will be filled out automatically if you hit enter. In case not, enter a unique name e.g. "Auto_Generate_adserver_name"
  8. Enter a "Description" and explain  e.g. what the use of this field update is
  9. As Field to Update select Campaign Item / Adserver Name
  10. Add Formula similar to this to concatenate ADvendio fields into a "new" name: (Example)
    ADvendio__Ad_Price__r.ADvendio__Ad_Spec__r.Name & "_" &  
    ADvendio__Media_Campaign__r.ADvendio__Account__r.Name & "_" &
    TEXT(ADvendio__from_Date__c) & "_" &