1.1.7 Create a Proposal/Offer

Once you have entered all data in your media campaign you can create PDF proposal for this campaign to send to your customer with just a few clicks. 

Open your media Campaign

And find the button Contact Wizard.

A proposal is always addressed to the campaign's primary contact. To assign or change the primary contact, open the Contact Wizard.

The Contact Wizard

The Contact Wizard displays only those contacts assigned to referenced accounts respectively. Use the checkboxes to add these contacts as general contacts to the media campagin. You are able to assign one primary contact to

  • Advertiser
  • Agency
  • Beneficiary
  • Debtor
  • Intermediary
  • Postal recipient

The Beneficiary Contact is your contact at the organization which benefits from the media campaign. You can also use this field to add another voice recipient.

Click Save to copy these contacts to your media campaign.

The Proposal

The proposal pdf preview offers the button: Close with attachment - which will save your file to the Attachment related list in your media campaign and for lightening users also in as a file. (Starting version 2.82)

Lightning Design

1. Close with attachment

2. Send to Clients

Use the standard email component and predefined templates to email the attachment.

PDF without Change History

For those customers that are working with our Optimizer feature it might be relevant to show the proposal without possible cancelled positions in order to just display the current setup of a Campaign.

For this use case please open the PDF on Media Campaign level via the button "PDF without Change History".