2.3.1 What are Visit Reports?

Visit Reports can be created for both internal and external use. Internally used visit reports, i.e. for online advertising, are a mere tool to track past meetings with business partners. Externally used visit reports, mainly applied in print advertising, can be sent from ADvendio.com to multiple recipients and mailing lists. Stored as separate objects, you are able to run reports on these visit reports to evaluate your activities.


PDF View of Visit Report for Print Media

With the visit report feature for print media, you are able to create letters including address information etc. within few minutes. These can be sent to your customers with a single click.

Visit Reports Listed in Media Campaign

Since visit reports mark important stages in your media campaign development, they are listed under the related list Visit Reports where they are always available to you. Both types of visit reports are listed here.

Visit Report Details

Along the letter's text and recipient information, visit reports store data on the visit's duration and next steps.