2.2.1 What are Contacts?

As contacts we describe any person related to your accounts. In a contact record, you keep all the relevant information you have about your business contacts: phone numbers, mail address, position, supervisor, etc. You also have the option to connect your contact's record to his or her social profiles.


Example of a Contact Record

Here you can see the example of a contact record:

  1. In the top section, you find the Contact Details such as name, title and contact information.
  2. In the second part, headed Open Activities, you can create tasks, events and meetings related to this contact. For example, you could add a task, reminding yourself to send Ms. Summer a card, thanking her for the organization of the last meeting.
  3. The third section, the Activity History, is the right place to store information about past activities: create records of calls, mails, etc. This is especially helpful i.e. if you work in a team and your co-workers need to know what kind of agreements have been made.