4.1.2 Media Campaign's Related Lists

Items of a related list represent relationships. They can illustrate the link between existing data records or be employed to create new records.


Related Lists Shortcuts

The top of each media campaign record displays several shortcuts. These shortcuts link to the campaign's related lists. Hover with the cursor over a shortcut to display the list of items in the related list. Click the shortcut to go to the related list.
The number in brackets indicates how many items are included in the related list, e.g. there is one item in the activity history assigned to this account.

Related Lists in Detail

To work with related lists, remember these facts:

  1. Any item of any related list can be altered by two actions: click Edit to change the item's details or click Delete to remove the item from the list.
  2. Even if the list does not contain any items, it will be displayed.
  3. To add new items, click on the New buttons at the top of the related list's section.

Edit Related Lists

To change the displayed related lists and their order, click Edit Layout. This is only available to the system administrator.

Add and Remove Related Lists

To customize the related lists, follow these steps:

  1. To add a related list to the account layout, go to Related Lists.
  2. Pick a related list.
  3. Insert it into your layout with drag & drop.
  4. To remove a related list, click the No Entry sign. If you want to change the related list's properties, use the grippers symbol.
  5. Finally, click Save.