7.1.2 Salesforce Setup

In the sSetup menu, you can make changes to the basic functions of your ADvendio.com system, such as language and currency, as well as changes to more sophisticated aspects, e.g. customize labels, create custom objects and fields to store further information.

Setup Overview

Follow these steps to get to the Setup and navigate within it:

  1. To open the Setup, click your username and select Setup.
  2. On the left hand side, you find the different categories. To open the sub-categories, click the arrow button.
  3. Using the buttons at the top of the left column, you can expand or collapse all sub-categories.

Custom Setup Overview

When Force.com Home is opened, the content section in the middle of the page displays general information such as recently edited items or quick links to often used functions of the user setup. You can customize this display:

  1. Some parts of the content section can be dismissed if you do not wish to display them any longer.
  2. Others can be expanded if you wish to see more information on the topic.