5.1.2 Create Reports

Because of the all-in-one system approach, any data you might need for an informative report is already stored in your ADvendio.com system. The data can be re-organized in reports for an easy evaluation.

Create New Report

To create a report, go to the Reports tab and click the New Report button. You can also use the quick creation drop-down menu as available in most other tabs.

Select Report Type

Now select the Report Type from the available types. These form the basic data range of your report. Then click Create to continue. Depending on your report type, you can collect different data to form your report, e.g. if you want to create a report on an account's revenues, you need to select the corresponding report type from those listed under Accounts & Contacts. As a system administrator, you are also able to create new record types under the User Setup.

Basic Report Settings

When you first create a report, it is a mere collection of data. Add filters and columns to limit the data range and structure the report.

  1. The report includes all the data records consistent with the filters.
  2. You are then able to add columns from the list of available fields on the left using drag & drop.
  3. Make changes to the report's structure, e.g. by grouping the report entries by a specific field. To do so, hover over the column label and click on the then displayed button. Now select the action you wish to perform.
  4. When your report presents the data you want it to show, click Run Report. Then you are able to save, export or print your report.

For further information on reports, please see the other lessons. Especially the lesson Edit Reports provides further details on how to structure a report.