8.2.4 Build your own "New Media Campaign" Action Button

ADvendio provides you with several options to create new media campaigns. In addition to the standard create new record Salesforce function the Proposal Briefing and the Advertiser Agency Relation Object allow you to use Lightning action buttons to easy the creation of new Media Campaigns. 

If you are using record types for your Media Campaigns, the predefined ADvendio actions do not work. 

But you can easily recreate and replace them by going through the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Setup - Object Manager

2. Search for Briefing/Advertiser-Agency Relation and open the Buttons, Links, and Actions 

3. Click on New Action

4. Fill out the form as followed and make sure to pick YOUR record type.

5. Add fields to the layout by dragging and dropping fields into the pane.

6. Map the prefilled field values according to your needs. Click on new. Here are the standard ADvendio mappings: