Industry (FreeWheel)

Industries help you to classify your ads in order to avoid competing ads affecting each other. FreeWheel offers three different possibilities for the use of Industries:

Alternativley you can select an Industry for your Advertiser in FreeWheel. This Industry will be inherited to all Campaign Items (in FreeWheel called Placements) which are connected to the Advertiser.

  • If you want to set an Industry for items which does not have an inherited industry or if you want to overwrite the inherited industry you can set it at the individual campaign item. To do so you have two options:

1. In the Media Configuration

Version 2.106 and up: Industry Targeting

2. Manually

  1. Create your Media Campaign with its items as usual.
  2. Open the Campaign Item record you want to add an Industry to and select the related list Selected AdServer Ids.

  3. Create a Selected AdServer Id record by hitting the "New" button and fill the AdServer Id field with the AdServer Id of the type "Industry" you would like to transmit.
    If you do not find the AdServer Id please ask your Administrator to import the Industries as described in this article: Import Industries.
    Please keep in mind that the selection of targeting results in the creation of Selected Ad Server Ids and that not only Industries can be seen in the related list.
  4. When submitting your Campaign Item to the AdServer the Industry will be transmitted as well now. Inherited Industries will be overwritten by the Industries set in ADvendio for every item.