Reset Initial Invoice Number (Standard)

The standard Advendio invoice number starts with no. 00000001. Every invoice record (invoices and cancellations) follows this standard number. The standard invoice number is a consecutive number, created in a separate object (Invoice Number) and transferred to an invoice record, after creation (after a billing run).

Define StartNumber

It is possible to define an individual invoice number. Once an individual invoice number is created,

  1. the system will use this number as invoice record name and
  2. this number will be shown on the PDFs


  1. Navigate to Setup → App Setup → Develop → Custom Setting
  2. Select "Invoicenumber origin"

  3. click "Manage" Button

  4. click the "New" button (the right "New" button for e new setting)

  5. Enter start number

    and click SAVE

In this example 4201600474 will be the first invoice number!

Administrators can delete invoice records, but not the consecutive number! In case you have tested the invoicing, you have to look at the created consecutive numbers to define the start number.

e.g. during testing, invoices were created and the last consecutive number is 00000080. Your custom invoice number, which you want to start with is 4201600555.

Calculation of the start number:




=474 → 4201600474 is the start number you have to enter in Invoicenumber origin.