4.7 How to track Voucher and Free Copy Shippings (Tear Sheets)?


How do I send and track complimentary or specimen copies of shipping information to relevant departments who are responsible the deliveries.


This feature is highly relevant for print advertisers but can also be used for digital, or other media if needed. The copy shipping list is a related list within your Media Campaign, Contact, and Campaign Item.

Voucher copy records & stores all information about the recipients who requested one or more vouchers or free checking copies. 

To create a new record click on “New” next on the related list and you get to choose from the following types of Copy Shipping:


Make sure that you always select a media campaign when entering the information for the voucher copy e.g. shipping information, whereas free copies should always be linked to a contact record.


The advertiser CarCompany advertised in the magazine “Cars”. To send him a voucher for a copy of the relevant edition of “Cars” should be captured in ADvendio.

Voucher Copy Shipping Record

Make sure that always a media campaign is selected when entering the information for the voucher copy shipping information whereas Free copies should be linked to a contact record.


Free Copy Shipping Record


In order to deliver shipping copy lists to your logistic department you can create custom reports with the needed fields and export or schedule them.


To learn how to set up the Copy Shipping feature please edit the Salesforce Layout(s) of your Media Campaign. If you need to create new Standard Reports find help here.