Sales Price Surcharge logic within Packages

Version 2.106 and up

You can now set absolute and percentage values for Sales Price Surcharge. 

You also have the freedom to set the Sales Prices Surcharges individually for your package components.

Set Surcharges individually for each Package Component

You can define all Sales Price Surcharges individually for each package component or the package as whole. This logic applies to all distribution types of packages (linear, prorated, individual). 

As soon as you enter a Sales Price Surcharge for only a single Package Component, the system automatically calculates the Sales Price Surcharge value for the Package Header. This is based on the Amount of the Package Component in relation to the rest of the Package.

You still want to give your whole Package the same Sales Price Surcharge? Don't worry, you don't have to enter the same number for every Package Component individually. In the Media Configuration you can still enter a Sales Price Surcharge at the Package Header and it will be automatically copied to all Package Components.