Import Accounts

Version Version 2.107 and up
Supported AdserversDFP, AdsWizz, AppNexus, FreeWheel

Transfer Accounts

To transfer Accounts from your Adserver to your ADvendio.com system, open the ad server login. There you can use the button Transfer from Adserver and import the data with a single click on each link.

To transfer your accounts select the "Accounts" item from the dropdown box and press start. You might get prompted to authenticate yourself. 

Category and Type

The Account IDs from the Adserver will be saved as Adserver IDs of the Category "Accounts".

  • Advertisers and House Advertisers will be saved with the Type "Advertiser".
  • Agencies and House Agencies will be saved with the Type "Agency".
  • Version 2.109 and up, GAM (DFP) only: Buyers from Proposals will be imported with the Type "Programmatic Buyer".

Connect the Adserver Account IDs to the respective Accounts in ADvendio using How ADvendio matches your Salesforce Accounts with Advertisers, Agencies or Buyers in an external System? to map the Accounts correctly between ADvendio and your Adserver.