Use Third Party Commissioning Wizard in combination with Publisher Payout

Version 2.105 and up

→ Read this article if you are using the Third Party Commission Wizard to create credit notes and  Publisher Payout.

Potential Issue

The TPC Wizard generates Credit Note Campaign Items, which have an amount equal to the Third Party Commission which you need to pay to your intermediary. 
For this, we use the same Ad Prices as a basis (to connect Credit Note Items to the Invoice Items) as your normal Media Campaigns. 

You need to make sure that these Items will not be "counted" in Publisher Payout, as their revenue was already added to the initial Invoice Items.


You are selling a campaign for 10,000 Euro for the publisher Adidas site to an advertiser but owe your intermediary 500 Euro commission for helping to settle that deal, that leaves you 9500 Euro. In the screenshot you can see that the Publisher Payout Condition would find both campaign items although they belong to the same "campaign" and the TPC credit note should not be included.

Steps to solve:

  1. Configure TPC Wizard to set a certain criterion (for example a field or a record type) for the Credit Notes generated with TPC Wizard. Can be done via the feature setting "TPC MC Fields".

    In this example we created a custom field called Credit Note at the object Media Campaign.

  2. Addtionally, configure Publisher Payout's "Matching Criteria" to only match campaigns that identify it to not be a credit note. In the above example we use the custom field "Credit Note" (can also be done via feature setting). Read more hier: 7.5.3 Configure your Publisher Payout Credit Note PDFs.

    Like above we use the new field called "Credit Note" on Publisher Payout Condition level which needs to be empty to be added to the publisher payout select.