Filter Settings for Enhanced Delivery Data (EDD)

Version 2.113 and up
Supported Adservers

DFP, Appnexus

The Enhanced Delivery Report Filter allows you to limit the EDD to the following adserver id types:

  • Country
  • Detail
  • Device Category
  • Inventory
  • Key Values

With version 2.124 you can additionally import data based on Sites and Video Groups for Freewheel, for more information see also: How to configure Delivery Data Imports from FreeWheel to ADvendio

Enter one of the following strings into the "Enhanced Delivery Report Filter" field depending on your preferred split option. You can also use multiple splits by comma separating them (e.g. "splitBy":["Country","Inventory"]

Additional Information
Adding this filter will only import by country.

Used for Google Ad Manager only to import detailed metrics split by top level domain. The following information are imported additionally to the Impressions and Clicks:

  • Advertiser Click Through Sales
  • Advertiser View-Through Sales
  • Click-Through Conversions
  • Conversions per Click
  • Conversions per Thousand Impressions
  • Total CTR
  • View-Through Conversions

Attention: This filter will use all mentioned metrics. Not all of them are available in every Google Ad Manager Network. If one metric is not available in your network, you will receive an error message and the enhanced delivery import won't finish.

The regular site-based Delivery Import only breaks Delivery Data down by top level domain ( Administration Settings). But using this setting helps you to split delivery data by Ad Unit in deeper levels of the site hierarchy. It will only import by inventory when used. 
Device Category{
"splitBy":["Device Category"]
Breakdown by Device Categories, only for Appnexus.
Key Values

With filter:

"splitBy":["Key Values"],

Without filter:

"splitBy":["Key Values"], 

You can filter for certain keys to reduce the loaded data by entering the Salesforce IDs of the relevant keys (comma separated) in the "filterByKeys" section as shown in the example on the left. If you don't enter IDs for filtering, all Keys will be used.

Attention: If you import data from Xandr, "Value" picklist value must be defined in the Picklist Value Set of Delivery Data Breakdown Type. Please check whether you are using an older version of the picklist or a recent one (2.137 and up); otherwise, no enhanced delivery data will be imported to ADvendio.

To access the corresponding picklist value, go to your Org Setup, search and access Picklist Value Sets, and edit the value set of Delivery Data Breakdown Type.

Attention: To use use "filterByKeys" with Xandr, instead of the Salesforce IDs of the relevant keys, enter the names of the relevant keys as stored in their corresponding Connection ID Name fields (e.g., "gender", "age", "sector", etc.). The following change applies to ADvendio 2.137.7 and up.

Sites and Video Groups{
"splitBy":["Sites and Video Groups"]

Available with version 2.124 and up

You can use this to breakdown your Freewheel data by Sites and Video Groups involved. This is only available for Freewheel.


If you are using Appnexus & Google at the same time, keep in mind that the split and filter will apply to both AdServers.  → We currently don't recommend using the advanced filter for keys in combination with multiple AdServers, instead you can still split by Key Values, but import all Enhanced Delivery Data.