6.12 How to Split Billing for a Campaign Item? (Lightning Flows)


A Campaign Item was set up to be invoiced to one debtor. However, it was either intended to be, or now needs to be, split across two debtors. The challenge is carrying out this splitting easily while also ensuring that any existing invoices are cancelled and reissued correctly.


ADvendio Lightning Flows Extension provides a pre-configured Lightning Flow to split billing of a single Campaign Item across two debtors.

The following video explains the feature in full and full step by step guidelines are below:


To split the billing for a Campaign Item of a Media Campaign got to the Campaign Item and click on the action "Split Billing"

A pop-up will open for where the new payer/debtor account for this item can be selected. Choose the right account and press "Next"


In the next screen, enter the percentage of the Sales Price of the Campaign Item which should be billed to the new debtor. The default suggested amount is 50%. Press “Next

In the last step confirm the creation of a new Media Campaign and Campaign Item to bill the new payer by clicking "Finish". The screen will also inform the user of the name under which to find the new Media Campaign. If any changes need to be made, press “Previous


  • there will be a new Media Campaign created with the name of the original Media Campaign and the suffix "_new".

  • The debtor of this Campaign will be the selected "payer".

  • The new Media Campaign will contain a clone of the original Campaign item with the Sales Price calculated according to the entered percentage.

  • The Sales Price of the original Campaign Item will be re-calculated with the counter-value of the entered percentage so that the sum of both new Sales Prices will be the same as the original Sales Price.

EXAMPLE: If the original Campaign item has a Sales Price of 100 € and the split is set to 50% the original Campaign item and the clone Campaign Item will both have a Sales Price of 50 € after the Billing Split.

Please be aware that if your Media Campaign was already partially or fully invoiced this flow should not be used, because it will create a new Media Campaign however fail to update the original one, due to the existing validation.