Transfer Offer number and External Code to Appnexus

Map the Media Campaign's Offer Number

To transfer the ADvendio Media Campaign Offer Number or other additional information to Appnexus, you can use the field: Alternate Order ID. 

Please make sure to copy the value into the field Alternate Order ID of the Media Campaign. This will make sure that your offer number gets copied/transferred by the ADvendio Interface into the External Code field at the Insertion Order.


The External Code field for Insertion Orders in Appnexus allows only up to 100 characters and only letters, numbers ".", _ and - 

Any text that is longer than 100 characters will be capped by ADvendio. If you use illegal characters, you will receive an error message from Appnexus and your Insertion Order and Line Item will not be created.

Map the Campaign Items Alternate ID

By selecting a value for the Campaign Item field Alternate ID this value will be transferred to the field External Code in the Appnexus Line Item and Campaign (for Standard Line Items only). As Appnexus only allows 100 characters in the External Code, any text that is longer in the Alternate ID field, will automatically be capped to 100 characters by ADvendio.