KeyValue Generator

Version 2.112 and up
Supported AdserversDFP, FreeWheel, AppNexus

To open the Key Value String generator open either an inventory item Ad Type or Ad Spec. Then find the button KeyValue Generator:

This will open a new window that looks very similar to the key value editor in the Media Configuration. The handling is the same therefore read this Key Value / Audience (AdServer) Targeting if you need assistance how to work with key values or audience segments. 

Additional Information for Appnexus

When you are using the fixed Key Values for Appnexus, it's possible to create a targeting set, which can not be edited in the console UI of Appnexus. This will be displayed as following:

This can happen when you are using fixed Key Values at multiple objects (Campaign Item, Ad Spec and Ad Type at the same time) or when you use multiple groups at the Ad Spec or Ad Type. The configured targeting will still work, but it won't be changeable within Appnexus and can only be modified from ADvendio.