Transfer the Minimum Quantity / Contracted Quantity (Google Ad Manager)

If you like to transfer the either the

  • Minimum Quantity for Sponsorship and Network items or
  • the Contracted Quantity for Standard items to GAM

which can be used for reporting purposes.

Have you admin add the field Minimum Quantity to the standard page layout and Media Configuration

  • The field will be used for both functions depending on the type. 

For both fields in GAM (Minimum Quantity and Contracted Quantity) the feature needs to be activated within GAM. If the field is set for a Sponsorship or Standard item but not activated in the network the user will receive the following error message:

  • Sponsorship: [FeatureError.MISSING_FEATURE @ lineItem[0].lineItemType; trigger:'LINE_ITEM_MINIMUM_QUANTITY']

  • Standard: [FeatureError.MISSING_FEATURE @ lineItem[0].lineItemType; trigger:'LINE_ITEM_CONTRACTED_QUANTITY']

For an explanation of the GAM function have a look here at contracted Units Bought (which is the API name for the two fields in GAM): Google Ad Manager API Docu