7.7.8 How to bring your Programmatic Data into ADvendio (BETA)

Version 2.120 and up
Supported DSPs / SSPs / Exchanges

Appnexus (SSP)

Google AdExchange

Google Display & Video 360

What's the ADvendio Programmatic Revenue Import / Analytics?

When selling inventory via SSPs and Exchanges, publishers face a variety of challenges. Huge data amounts, different formats and reports spread across multiple services, make it difficult to get an overview. How much money do I make via programmatic channels? How does it compare to my directly sold products? Our goal is to pull all data into a central point, enhance the data and provide you the right reports and dashboards. 


Using the ADvendio programmatic data import, you will need a separate license.

We would really appreciate if you want to leave feedback, or already have an idea on how you want to use your programmatic data in ADvendio! Perfect, please contact your Technical Account Manager or support@advendio.com so we can listen to your ideas and see how to implement this into ADvendio Programmatic!

How can you benefit?

Our goal with the ADvendio Programmatic extension is to help you get an overview about the huge amounts of data from DSPs, Exchanges and SSPs. In order to do so, we're using the advantages and capabilities of Salesforce Big Objects. But we're not just talking about Reports and Dashboards, we're looking for ways to integrate the whole power of that data into ADvendio and use it in our features. With the help of our extension you will be able to answer the following questions:

Publishers & Sell Side:

  • How does my revenue from programmatic channels (open auction, private auction & programmatic direct) compare to directly sold inventory? Which products perform better in which channels? 
  • Which of my SSPs 
  • How can I track the revenue my Sales Reps are making from programmatic and collect this information towards their Sales Goals?
  • How can I distribute my programmatic revenue to the correct accounts in an external accounting system?

Agencies & Buyside:

  • How can I automatically invoice the monthly media spend towards my advertisers?
  • How much money do advertisers spend across the different systems? What's the average CPM? 

How does it work?

In a few simple steps you can start gaining a full overview of your programmatic revenue stream:

  1. Configure the connection to the Systems of your choice
  2. Schedule the automatic ADvendio Import
  3. Use our simple data UI to enrich and match your reporting data and enable a unified reporting.
  4. Plan the automatic Media Campaign Generation
  5. Open your Analytics Dashboard and deep dive right into your data!


Supported Exchanges / SSPs

  • Xandr
  • Google Ad Manager

Supported DSPs

  • Google Display & Video 360

Roadmap - What's next to come

Jan. 2020

Beta Version of ADvendio Programmatic

  • Integration of Google Ad Manager / Exchange
  • Automatic Media Campaign Creation and comparison with direct inventory
Feb. 2020

ADvendio Programmatic becomes Generally Available

First Version of Reports and Dashboards based on Salesforce Analytics

June 2020ADvendio Analytics Extension

Q3 2020

Process improvements & more comfortable configuration

Additional Dashboards (e.g. Sales Goals)

Connection of Additional SSPs & Exchanges

Datorama Integration