Seamless Insertion Orders and Augmented Line Items

ADvendio offers you the possibility to create seamless insertion orders or legacy insertion orders in Appnexus.

Seamless Insertion Orders are the best practice for creating insertion orders recommended by AppNexus. Those orders offer advanced functionality by means of augmented line items, configured at AdType Ad Type (AppNexus).

1. Activate Seamless Insertion Orders

To activate the creation of seamless insertion orders from ADvendio, you need to configure it at your Adserver login.

Select the value "Seamless" in the picklist Adserver Features. Customers updating from an older version of ADvendio, need to create Seamless as picklist value in setup first.

As soon as seamless is selected all insertion orders will be created as seamless orders. To deselect this feature, simply set the picklist to the value none at your Adserver Login.


When you select seamless as feature for Appnexus: All insertion orders will be pushed as seamless. You can only either use the standard IOs (legacy IO) or seamless IOs.

Not all line item types will work with Seamless Insertion Orders, please check which line items you use before activating the feature and test accordingly.

Currently we only support the Budget Type Revenue, meaning the insertion order will receive a lifetime revenue budget and all augmented line items will use a revenue budget not an impression / clicks budget. We generally set the Budget on Insertion Order level to unlimited.

2. Augmented Line Items

Augmented line items enhance the standard features of items by providing options to support more sophisticated users. Augmented Item can be configured in ADvendio by setting the https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/229867524  to Augmented. All further configuration can be done similar to regular Xandr Items. In general we support the same targeting options for Augmented Items as for Standard and Guaranteed Line Items.

Here is a quick overview of the relevant Augmented Line Item settings we support:

  • Ad Type

  • Supply Strategy

  • Geography

  • Flight 1 (ADvendio currently only supports a single flight, per item. All relevant information like start/end date, budget and pacing can be set from ADvendio)

  • Daily pacing allocation

  • Managed Inventory Targeting

  • Audience Segments

  • Frequency Caps

  • Device Type

  • System

  • Reporting Labels


Currently we only support the Budget Type Revenue, meaning the insertion order will receive a lifetime revenue budget and all augmented line items will use a revenue budget not an impression / clicks budget. We generally set the Budget on Insertion Order level to unlimited.

2.1 Set required Geo Targeting

For Augmented Line Items it's required to set Geo Targeting criteria. For example to include at least one Country / Region. To set up this in ADvendio, you can use our geo targeting feature in the Media Configuration. But, as this is required to be set, you might want to save your Sales Reps additional steps in setting up their Campaign Items, by predefining geo targeting on product level. Good news: we got you covered!

With the Ad Spec AdServer ID Assignment, you can decide for each of your Ad Specs, which geo targeting will be submitted automatically to Xandr. These criteria can be either included or excluded, and will be used for each Campaign Item created from that Ad Spec. You can still add additional Geo Targeting to your item, but not remove the predefined geo targeting.

To configure this, open the Ad Spec and manually create new assignments to AdServer IDs. To do so, open the related lists and click the new button on the list of AdServer ID AdSpec Assignments:

You can then select the AdServer ID which represents your Geo Targeting criteria you want to use (e.g. the country you want to include)

Click the save button and you geo preconfiguration is done! For more information you can also view https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/622614


2.2 Configure the Supply Strategy

The supply strategy is mainly used for buying augmented line items to configure from which sources inventory should be considered:

  • Only from managed inventory

  • From Open Auctions

  • Or from Deals (Xandrs equivalent of private auctions)

This can however also influence the performance of your sold items as a publisher and will also influence the targeting options that are available. As a default ADvendio will target only managed as supply strategy.

You can however change this, by using our supply strategy field. Simply select which supply sources you want to use and save this.

This information can be set on a Campaign Item or preconfigured on an Ad Spec. If you set a specific value on the Campaign Item, it will override any settings on Ad Spec level.

The default setting will be always transferred to Xandr. If you want to configure a specific value from ADvendio, you System Administrator might need to add the fiel SupplyStrategy to the page layout of either Campaign Item or Ad Spec. Additionally you can also use the Campaign Item field as part of your Tab Setup to show it in the Media Configuration

2.3 How to set up Goals and Pacing for Augmented Line Items? And how are flights configured?

For Augmented Line Items, ADvendio provides certain setting possibilities for goals and flights.


  1. ADvendio always creates a single Flight for each Augmented Campaign Item, start and end date of the flight being based on the Campaign Item start and end date.

  2. You are able to set the overall Budget either to a specific Budget or as Unlimited.

  3. If you use a specific Budget, the amount will be determined by either the Campaign Item Quantity or Amount Net/Net field.

  4. You can decide whether to use a pacing percentage or daily budget. Those settings are controlled by the Secondary Goal Type and Secondary Goal Budget/Percent fields.



More information on setting up the goals for Xandr in ADvendio can be found here: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/229867524 and here: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/887062541