6.1.11 Change of Invoice Relevant Information for Partly or Fully Invoiced Items

In order to ensure consistency and accuracy of your ADvendio information, it is not advised to change key, invoice-relevant information once a Campaign Item has been partly or fully invoiced. Certain fields can still be changed once all Invoices for a given Campaign Item are canceled. For example you can change an item to Linear Distribution or change payment settings from before/during Billingperiod to After Billingperiod. However, to change other elements of the Campaign Item, such as Quantity or Discounts, please use the Optimizer.

To ensure these fields remain unchanged, and your data remains accurate and consistent, we have created a feature setting to manage which fields should no longer be changed for partly or fully invoiced items. 

If you try to change any field which is controlled by the feature setting, you will see the following error message:

To see this feature setting, open the app launcher and navigate to Feature Settings. Find the following Feature Setting 

Feature Setting Name: PreventFieldChanges
Feature Name: Finance
Template Name: CampaignItem
Value: coma separated list of field names (with ADvendio Prefix)

The default value for the feature setting covers the following fields:

  • ADvendio__LinearDistribution__c
  • ADvendio__from_Date__c
  • ADvendio__until_Date__c
  • ADvendio__DistributionPeriod__c
  • ADvendio__DistributionUnit__c
  • ADvendio__InvoiceAtStartOfRuntime__c
  • ADvendio__InvoiceAtEndOfRuntime__c
  • ADvendio__Quantity__c
  • ADvendio__Frequency__c - added with version 2.124
  • ADvendio__PaymentStart__c
  • ADvendio__Billing_category__c
  • ADvendio__Sales_Price__c
  • ADvendio__SurchargeSalesPricePct__c - added with version 2.124
  • ADvendio__SurchargeSalesPrice__c
  • ADvendio__RateDiscount1AbsCustom__c
  • ADvendio__RateDiscount2AbsCustom__c
  • ADvendio__RateDiscount3AbsCustom__c
  • ADvendio__RateDiscount4AbsCustom__c
  • ADvendio__AC__c
  • ADvendio__Agency_Commission__c
  • ADvendio__Rate_Discount_2_custom__c
  • ADvendio__Rate_Discount_3_custom__c
  • ADvendio__Rate_Discount_4__c
  • ADvendio__AgencyEarnings__c
  • ADvendio__ThirdPartyCommissionCustom__c
  • ADvendio__SurchargeB3__c
  • ADvendio__SurchargeB3Abs__c
  • ADvendio__SurchargeB2__c
  • ADvendio__SurchargeB2Abs__c
  • ADvendio__Quantity_Discount_custom__c - added with version 2.124
  • ADvendio__ThirdPartyCommissionAbs__c