Linear Distribution


This checkbox determines if the item should be billed by booked quantity or by delivered quantity. (Remember: As long as the item has no delivered quantities assigned, the associated Invoice Item can then have an amount of zero.) Standard linear distribution is calculated by day.

The workflow Set_LinearDistribution automatically sets the linear distribution flag to true

  1. if the record type is not Online OR
  2. Billing Category is not CPM, CPC, vCPM
  3. AND invoice quantity manual has not been entered.

Distribution Unit & Distribution Period

Version 2.92 and up

The Campaign Item has two fields:

  • Distribution (Unit)
  • Distribution (Period)

Both fields control how the Campaign Item quantity and amount are distributed amongst the related PreInvoices.

This will not be reflected in the amount of the Revenue Schedule but only in the forecast fields. The amount values will always show the linear amount estimation by day. Therefore a 30 day month will show a different amount than a month with 29 or 31 days. 

You can set the Unit to 

  • Quantity instead of 
  • Amount

to distribute by quantity instead of amount.

Using the Period picklist, you can control if the system will take either

  1. the default distribution based upon the number of days in a month (default), or
  2. distributed evenly across months, no matter how long an item is planned in that month

This is only relevant if Linear Distribution is on, also Revenue Schedules are not affected by these changes only the creation of PreInvoices.


Quantity in the Campaign Item is 7800000 Impression which runs for a full year which means 12 months. Therefore each month should get 650000 impressions. The invoiced quantity has then manually been set to 432906 impressions. Amounts will be calculated to the number of days in the month If you set the

  • unit to quantity and
  • period to Month

you will get the following result in your revenue schedule: