Inventory and Video for Freewheel (Content Targeting) - BREAKING CHANGE WITH 2.119

Similar to audience targeting Freewheel offers a complex logic for combining Videos and Inventory for your Items. ADvendio uses a fix logic to set these during submit to AdServer. This logic will change with version 2.119.

Please see the details below.

Before 2.119 - Or connection

In the past we submitted all videos and sites that are set at a Campaign Item in the same set. This means for Freewheel, that all of them are in a OR relation.

So if you for example selected Site A and Video Group B, the placement will either run on Site A, regardless of the video shown, or on each video in Group B, regardless of the site the video streams on.


2.119 and up - Videos and Sites in AND relation

As ADvendio currently offers no further connection logic for the video and site targeting, we decided to update our logic to put videos and sites into separate groups.

This way you can configure your Items to run on a specific Site, when specific Videos are shown.


Are you interesting in more complex connection logic? Please contact your Technical Account Manager or support@advendio.com and provide your use cases, so we can consider them for our solution.