How to use Custom Event Targets for Freewheel?


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Custom Event Targets are a powerful way to further specialize your items and meet specific needs. Instead of Impressions, you can for example say you want have a number of completed views as campaign goal.

How can you configure your ADvendio Campaign Items to use a custom event target in Freewheel?


How to setup Custom Event Targets

To configure Custom Event Targets you will need to modify your Ad Type.

But first you will need to go to Setup → Object Manager → Ad Type

There, for the picklist field AdType__c you will need to create one or more new values, matching your custom targets.

The API Name needs to be in the following format: CUSTOM_EVENT_TARGET(id of the event). The label can be anything you like.

To receive the ID of the event, you will need to contact Freewheel support. ADvendio needs the abstract event id.


Then you can proceed to create Ad Types with the new event goal and configure them like your regular products.


Creating Campaign Items and Submit to AdServer

You can proceed to create the Campaign Items with these products and follow the regular steps in your sales process.

The following things will be set for Custom Event Targets:

Budget Model / Billable Event → as configured in the Ad Type

Event Goal → (Booking) Quantity field of Campaign Item

Gross Impression Cap → Secondary Goal Quantity field of Campaign Item This information is required to submit Custom Event Goals to Freewheel

Over Delivery → We will always set the network default

Keep in mind, that Freewheel only supports limited pricing information. If you are planning to use a CPCv pricing, ADvendio will map this to CPM in Freewheel. The actual CPM set in Freewheel can influence the priority and performance of an item.

If you want to set a custom CPM, which differs to the CPCv value, we recommend to use the AdServer Price Field on the Campaign Item. You can find out more about the configuration here: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/101417058

Check Availability for Custom Event Targets

For custom event targets it’s also possible to check availability in the AdServer. Please be aware that Freewheel only returns available Impressions, but the Goals of the Item (as in the Quantity) can actually point towards a different event.

So let’s say you’re using completed views as goal, your Campaign Item quantity will also be the views you want to reach not the impressions. Our default Check Availability, will take the number it receives from Freewheel and compare it to the Campaign Item Quantity, to show the green or red availability flag.

In that case this would mean, your desired completed views are compared to Impressions, which can be much higher. If you want to use the availability flag, you could enter a number of Impressions, that needs to be at least reached in the field Guaranteed Impressions.


There is no additional setup needed for this feature. The regular setup steps of our Gateway remain.