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... Setup DoubleClick AdExchange

2.1) Use Salesforce Big Objects

There are two possibilities for the storage of the programmatic data you import from the different SSPs / Exchanges / DSPs. You can either use Big Objects or use a separate storage provided by ADvendio.

To use our import into Big Objects there are no more steps needed to be done. As soon as your connection login records are configured, you can schedule the programmatic import and the data will be imported into Big Objects. Please be aware that you are not able to view Big Object records like regular Salesforce records. You are required to use the Salesforce Anayltics cloud, or use third party app from the Salesforce App Exchange, to access the 'raw' data imported into Salesforce.


For testing purposes, each Salesforce Org has a storage of 1.000.000 rows for Big Objects. To use our features properly, you will need to purchase additional storage space. Please contact your technical account manager so we can support you with that.

2.2) Configure Database connection



To use the ADvendio Storage a separate license, please contact your technical account manager for more information!

If you are not using Big Objects for the storage of your programmatic data, you need to also configure a connection to ADvendios database. You will receive the login credentials, as well as the database endpoint directly from ADvendio. If you have purchased the analytics license and haven't yet received your database login, please contact