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Delivery The delivery data is entered can be entered manually but can also be set 

  • automatically if you use an ad server integration


You can also automate this and the updating of your delivered quantity by 7.6.7 Schedule Scheduling "Update Delivery Data" for PreInvoices.

Additionally you always have the possibility to edit the quantity information at your pre-invoices manually. 



Click Edit at the pre-invoice you want to change. Be careful with changing automatically filled-in fields.

Edit Invoice Items

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Navigate  Navigate to your invoice items and click Edit at the item you want to edit.

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Edit the Delivered Quantity


Scroll down to Quantity Information and manually update the Delivered Quantity.


Turn Linear Distribution on/off

If the checkbox Linear Distribution is checked, the values are calculated by the booked quantity and the duration (start and end date). If you uncheck this box the delivered quantity will be used. This checkbox defines if the amount is distributed linear or not. For instance, this is used selling fixed price products.