7.6.7 Schedule "Update Delivery Data" Apex job for PreInvoices

Version 2.85 and up.

When creating PreInvoices the Delivery Data will not be automatically updated for non linear positions. You have to go into every PreInvoice and click the button to update the delivery data. Now you can help your users to safe time: Schedule this for them. Here is how to:

1. Navigate to Apex Classes in the Setup and click on the "Schedule Apex" Button:

2. Schedule a Job

Fill out the following fields:

  • Give your job a name: UpdateAutomaticDeliveryBatch (or any other name)
  • search for the Apex Class: InvoiceAutomaticDeliveryBatch 
  • and select time which are working for your company. 
  • Then click on save.

3. Error Handling

With version 2.128, there is increased error handling for the InvoiceAutomaticDeliveryBatch. Users will be informed of all errors caught via email.