7.6.5 Configure the Third Party Commission Wizard

Version 2.94 and up

The Third Party Commission Wizard comes preconfigured but you can change the following by modifying these feature settings.

  1. Which fields will be displayed in the result list
  2. How many results will be shown at a time (2.119 and up)
  3. Which fields are automatically set, with which values for the created Media Campaigns

How to:

Navigate to the

  • App Launcher and
  • Search for Feature Settings:
  • Sort by Feature Name = Third Party Commission Wizard

Feature Setting Name: TableFields

This setting lets you modify the columns which get shown to the user in the wizard when searching for invoice items.

Add the API field names from your invoice item and separate by comma.

Feature Setting Name: NumberOfRecords - Available with Version 2.119 and up

Lets you configure how many results will be shown at a time in the third party commission wizard before having to scroll down and load additional results.

Simply enter the number you'd like to use a value. 20 Results is the default configuration.

Feature Setting Name: TPC MC Fields

This setting defines which fields are prefilled with which value(s) when you are creating a credit note media campaign.



Make sure to not add any blanks or special characters. Use a plain text editor - do not copy from Word or Excel. 

 More information about how to Use the Third Party Commissioning Wizard in combination with Publisher Payout.