7.6.3 Customize your Finance Wizards

It is possible to customize the filter fields for all of the finance wizards, which means for PreInvoice, Invoice and Cancellation Wizard. Furthermore, also the table columns can be customized. The following guide will create the standard records, that can be customized.

1. Feature Settings - fields, filters and table

To customize the finance wizards navigate to the Overview tab and click on Feature Settings at the section Setup & Settings.
Please click the button New Feature Setting to create a new record with the following data:
Finance WizardFeature Setting NameFeature NameTemplate NameValue
PreInvoice WizardFilterFieldsFinanceGenerateInvoiceWizardAccount__c;Agency__c
Invoice WizardFilterFieldsFinanceCreateInvoicesPdfWizardADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.PaymentInterval__c;ADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.PaymentStart__c;ADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.PaymentDueDate__c;ADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.Account__c;ADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.Agency__c;ADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.PostalRecipient__c;ADvendio__MediaCampaign__r.invoice_recipient__c
Invoice Wizard (Lightning)




Filter fieldsFinanceCreateInvoicesPdfWizardSame as Invoice Wizard Value
Cancellation WizardFilterFieldsFinanceInvoiceCancelationItemsWizardCampaign_Start_Date__c;Campaign_End_Date__c;Account__c;Agency__c;PostalRecipient__c;invoice_recipient__c

Make sure that you use NO BLANKS between the fields and separate by semicolon.


This table displays the ADvendio Standard for every finance wizard. If those records are not available, the wizards use the ADvendio Standard coming with the source code. Some wizards show additional fields like for instance Runtime Start or Runtime End in the PreInvoice Wizard. Those fields have special logic behind it and can not be changed or removed.

To customize those wizards, please make sure to use the right start object for your field path:

Finance WizardStart Object
PreInvoice WizardADvendio__Media Campaign__c
Invoice WizardADvendio__Invoice__c
Cancellation WizardADvendio__Media Campaign__c

Special Logic

Lookup vs Text Fields

If you want to add the start object as a filter, you can use the field API called Name. The result by adding the name is a search field, where you can enter a text string. If you prefer to use the start object as a lookup filter, please use Id instead of Name. The result by adding the id is a lookup field, where you can also filter for records.

Multi-select Picklist: Site

Starting with version 2.85 and up we also support the multi-select picklist site to be integrated into your finance wizards. Pls have your administrator activate it. Administration Settings. You don't need to add site to your feature settings.


Add "Order Number" to the Invoice Wizard

To add a field to the filter section you have to expand the comma separated value field in the above mentioned FilterFields feature setting record using the path of the required object. Start object is the invoice itself. Using the Order number example your value string would look like this:


Your Invoice Wizard filters area will look like this:

To add a column to the result table you have to expand the comma separated value field in the above mentioned TableFields feature setting record using the path of the required object. Start object is the invoice itself. Using the Order number example your value string would look like this:

ADvendio__AdvertiserName__c;ADvendio__AgencyName__c;ADvendio__PostalRecipientName__c;ADvendio__RecipientName__c;ADvendio__CampaignName__c;ADvendio__InvoiceDate__c;ADvendio__InvoicedAmountNet3__c; ADvendio__OrderNumber__c

Your Invoice Wizard search results will look like this:

You are able to add other fields as filters or columns for any of the finance wizards.

2. Feature Setting - cancellation options

By default, when activating an optimization, there are three cancellation options available: Cancellation Standard (Per Period), Cancellation and merge periods and Cancellation and merge all. 

To configure which options are available to your ADvendio users, you can use the ModeAvailability Feature Setting. Navigate to Feature Settings and create or modify* the following record:

  1. Feature Name = Finance
  2. Feature Setting Name = ModeAvailability
  3. TemplateName: InvoiceCancelation
  4. Value: {"CancelationPerPeriod": true, "CancelationMergePeriod": true, "CancelationMergeAll": true}
    Change value to true or false depending on need

* This Feature Setting can also be created by running the postinstall script for Version 2.115.

ADvendio.PostInstall.runMethod('insertFeatureSettingsForInvoiceCancelationModeAvailabilityByVersion2_115', null);